Neville Brody – Design elements ๐Ÿ”ฒ

Above is a poster I have created talking about some of the skills, that the designer Neville Brody uses to produce his work. Nevilleโ€™s design work mainly consists of typography, shapes and colours placed in variation compositions to create an effective outcome.

Some of the fundamental design characteristics Neville Brody has are typography, scale, texture, shape and colour. I believe it is very important to be able to apply these skills in your design work, as they help you communicate in a visual manner.

Understanding the importance and being able to successfully apply typography is a strong skill I hope to achieve at the end of my degree. Typography is the core to any design piece, as It’s what makes the first impression. Good typography enhances the character of the site and adds a tone of voice, which subliminally reinforces what the words say to influence how those words are perceived.

Composition and colour are also a strong skill I hope to achieve. Choosing the correct colours are one of the most important skills to have as a Graphic design, as they are representative, symbolic and used for communication designs. 

Composition, layout, image, font and colour are all various elements of graphic design that fuse together in a meaningful way to affect the way a message is perceived by the viewers. People are more lured in towards those designs which are visually attractive and appealing.

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