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Whilst completing a project about advertising throughout December 2019 at college, I was given the opportunity to visit the Design museum in London. A Museum in Kensington, London that exhibits product, industrial, graphic, fashion, and architectural design. 

Below are some images of graphic design and technology through-out the decades that really appealed to me.

It’s amazing how far technology and the arts have developed to adapt to all the different periods of time. From the images above I felt quite interested as to how everything went from being colourful, vivid to simple and plain. Looking at Apples first iPod and MacBooks, they were released in the 90s and the early/mid 2000s in a huge variety of colours that convey excitement, joy and entertainment. This shows that colours were an important element of the 90s and the mid 2000s, as people liked to look trendy and be colourful which would have physiologically made them happy.

If we look at Apples products today, they mainly come in a grey, silver or gold. This shows that as a society we’ve become very modern and Apple wanting to convey their products to be sophisticated, high tech and elegant. In a way it’s sort of grown up.

I also saw some typography and illustrative posters from the 70’s – 80’s as well as one of the London underground signs that was designed by Edward Johnston in 1919, which in many ways become a symbol for London itself.

I was very inspired by the ‘Olivetti lettera 35’ poster which is advertising a typewriter. I like the overall aesthetic of the illustrations and it being colourful but abstract. This markets the typewriter to look stylish, sleek and very advanced which would have appealed to a lot of people.

©Design Museum – Kensington, London

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