My goals for second year 📈

My first year at university has been exciting and challenging. I completed the modules ‘4015AAD’, ‘4016AAD’ ‘4017AAD’ and ‘4018AAD’, which taught me how to create and develop ideas by using design elements. I also completed an additional advantage module which was ‘Marketing an arts project’, I had to think of an event and advertise it using the 4ps (promotion, price, product and place)

I think cause of covid-19 and having to study online was the downside of my first year.  However, I really enjoyed the modules and freedom of creativity behind them which allowed me to take risks and develop my design ideas. 

I’ve also started to create design work outside of university, whether it’s freelance or me just experimenting with the different creative cloud software’s and building up my portfolio. 

For second year I would want to:

  • Continue creating artwork outside of university and upload them on to my graphic design Instagram, Pinterest, and Behance page to communicate with other designers.
  • Get into a habit of creating and collecting sketches in a sketchbook as I could use this to show development within my process document for the modules.
  • Familiar myself with all technical software’s as I kind of struggled a bit with coding my website for the module ‘4017AAD’.

I hope to implement all of these skills and have a very successful time at University.

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