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In any creative subject or role, colour is a fundamental element all artists/designers have to consider. I found a very detailed article written by Cameron Chapman a professional Web and graphic designer who is talking about colour theory and how various tones of colour convey feelings to evoke ones reaction.

Colour is a powerful tool in graphic design. It can be used to attract attention, organize content, emphasize elements, evoke emotion and help a design look aesthetically pleasing.ย ย In order to choose the right colours and colour combinations, it is important that the graphic designer has a basic knowledge of colour theory. Colour theory is the study of colour in art and design, their relationships with each other and principles used to create harmonious colour schemes.

Cameron has talked about all the different connotations colours have, like the colour red itโ€™s a very intense colour often associated with anger, the devil and cupid. In graphic design red is a very strong colour used to highlight designs. The colour can be very versatile through different shades and tones, which could change the connotations and feelings we might evoke.

Personally as a designer, I like to experiment with colours and combine them together only if they contrast well. In my publication document I used various shades of green and greys to convey the nature; old; environment effect.

ยฉย Cameron Chapmanย (January 28, 2010)ย Colour Theory for Designersย โ€“ Smashing Magazine:

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