Importance of designers ๐Ÿ‘‘

Above I have found a manifesto from 1964 written by Ken Garland a British graphic designer, photographer, writer, and educator. 

Ken Garland is speaking about how graphic designers arenโ€™t being used effectively and are being wasted to produce designs for consumerism such as packaging for cat food, stomach powders, detergent, hair restorer, striped toothpaste and aftershave lotion.

The designer shows a sense of frustration as he wants to use his skills on impactful projects that have a long-lasting impression and a good use, like education, films and technology. The designs would last longer than working on consumerism projects which get thrown away after use.

I partially agree with this designerโ€™s statement as I do believe consumerism is bad for the environment and well-being, but as a designer he could make a change by raising awareness on eco-friendly packaging. 

I understand that designers are not appreciated within the consumerism industry, but many would dream of working on packaging for products as it would feel good to see your work on products at the supermarket.

However, I strongly agree that designersโ€™ skills are much more impactful in projects like film as youโ€™d be known for creating part of that film especially if itโ€™s a box office success, which could be a career boost for some.

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