Digbeth street art ๐Ÿ–ผ

Throughout growing up in Birmingham and passing by the city centre Iโ€™ve always been amazed by the street art and how far its developed till this day. The majority of Digbethโ€™s art does centre around the Custard factory, an independent shopping destination, creative and digital business workspace.

Much of the street art at Digbeth stems from the 2014 City of Colours festival. A big deal at the time it brought artists from all over to paint in and around the Custard Factory, centred around Gibb Street. A huge number of new pieces have been added since then all-around car parks and the custard factory.

Above are some of the pictures I had taken back in 2019, for a college zine project. I particularly liked all the graffiti arts as they contrast within the old, isolated buildings amongst the urban surroundings, which creates that textured, popping effect when staring at the image for a long time.

The colour choices for the graffiti are also appealing as a mixture of dark and bright colours have been blended together to create an engaging hotspot ensuring all the focus is on the artwork. It almost is the highlight of certain areas across Digbeth because of the proportion, scale and colour.

As a designer my question to the street artists for the images above would be:

What was the meaning behind your street arts, as theyโ€™re quite random?  

What do they symbolise and how did you choose where each design would go? 

More information on ยฉthe street art of Digbeth:

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