Which Vinyl cover is better? 🤷🏽‍♂️🎶

I know I already talked about an album cover design belonging to Lady Gaga and the Weeknd, But Lana Del Rey released her album today with two alternative covers that appealed to me and I have to talk about my favourite one.

Both covers are very appealing and vivid in terms of design and editing wise. The first cover is a black and white group photo highlighting the music video for ‘chemtrails over the country club’ I really Like the overall aesthetic going on. The black and white effect is very crisp and sleek which has a strong contrast amongst the white typography, which has a black shadow around it to allow visibility.

I think as a designer who likes photography I would have experimented with different angles and have airbrushed any accidental errors within the photo such as the iPhone and face mask on the bottom left corner, as it ruins the overall aesthetic of the album and image when noticed.

The second cover is my absolute favourite. I really like the smoothness and saturation of the image. The colours are blending in very smoothly which looks like the image has been edited to look like an oil painting. I also like how Lana is stood in the centre of the image with shadows surrounding her ensuring all the focus is on her whilst the background is blurred in a distorted effect.

The typography remains the same which works very well with this image above the blurred surroundings. I think this cover is way better than the first one as it is very successful design wise and has strongly been edited to create an aesthetic that matches the concept of Lana’s album.

I also like how the vinyl disk is red which is complementary contrasting with the greeny image.

Lana Del Rey (chemtrails over the country club) 2021 Interscope Records https://www.lanadelrey.com/homepage/

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