New module: 4017AAD πŸ’»

I am very thrilled and happy to start the moduleΒ 4017AAD Strategy & Direction. I’ve received feedback from my modules in semester 1 and I know how to improve in order to achieve a better grade. I will carefully select and apply research that coherently shows my design ideas.Β I’m also excited to learn new skills such as: coding in order to produce a website. I think I may find it a-bit challenging at first, however once I watch tutorials and practise I’ll be fine.

As a designer I hope to explore various mediums to produce my outcomes as this was a positive note in my feedback from semester 1. I had combined various ideas together which I thought was effective and vivid to look at. I also want to improve on creating digital illustrations as I mainly worked in photoshop for semester 1.

In order to stay on track for this module, I will create a weekly checklist of what I need to do to complete the project, so I don’t miss anything important.  I will also think about presentation and neatly display relevant outcomes in my process document which, will show my journey in completing this module.


Image reference: Β©Ana Rut Bre (Mid Century Bauhaus Art Print) 2020.

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