My Portfolio : Before + After

To demonstrate my skills and abilities as a designer ready for the industry, I must create a digital portfolio which can be printed in physical form.

Semester 1 portfolio:

My semester 1 portfolio is based on the design of a desktop interface, which showcases my interests in technology and user interface. Since I didn’t have many user interface projects at the time, I decided to group together projects that follow the same principles as user interfaces. This also demonstrates my versatility as a designer; throughout my blog posts, I discuss how I’d like to enter the user interface industry; however, after reviewing all of my projects and skills, I’ve slightly changed my mind and would be open to working in any of the graphic design sectors, but preferably user interface.

I included branding, packaging, and user interface projects, all of which adhere to the¬†design principles and enhance user experience. I received positive feedback on the design, but I didn’t like the presentation and layout as I found it too distracting; I’d like to take an abstract approach with the layout by using a hierarchical structure.

New portfolio:

Using my existing portfolio as a template, I created a much more abstract layout and presentation in the style of my personal branding that balances perfectly and is consistent. The vectorised grids and desktop tab illustrations are still inspired by user interfaces and technology. I also used a column structure to show the process of each project, including colour and development stages, mock-ups, and a brief summary of the project, which does an excellent job of showcasing my work.

I decided to include a variety of projects such as branding, user interface, and even a campaign as each of these projects are produced in an unseen way using design principles with the goal of improving user experience. I also want to demonstrate my versatility as a designer.

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