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User interface design is the process by which designers create interfaces in software or computerised devices with a focus on aesthetics or style. Designers try to develop interfaces that are both easy to use and enjoyable for users.

Many websites have high engagement because of the user interface design. It attracts people and keeps them there. It is what encourages people to recommend your website and become regular customers. Whatever anyone says, it should never be overlooked. The design must be well thought out. People have certain instincts based on visual details that influence how they interact with a website; designers must account for these.

People will leave your site if it is difficult to interact with, in addition to basic design changes such as button shapes and colour schemes. The user experience should be prioritised.

What makes user interface good?

The following features should be considered to ensure a successful user interface.

2) Easy navigation – The navigation menu should be simple and not overly designed, as this will overwhelm users.

The navigation on the H&M website is clear and minimal, and the design is not overly complicated. This is the checkout option, which is the most important interface for the business, so the design must be flawless. The layout is hierarchical, with different font weights, scale, colour, and buttons used to clearly separate the information.

2) Simple design – Fancy design layouts are popular, but they make the user experience difficult. When you stick to a simple design, your target audience can see what your products or services are clearly and without confusion.

The design for the Birmingham live website is simple and easy to use; it is not overly complicated, and the structure adheres to a user-friendly convention.

3) Maintaining consistency – Ensure that you are using common elements throughout the website. This enables people to recognise patterns and learn how your site operates more quickly and efficiently. Consistent patterns, languages, and functions will help you in ways you cannot imagine.

The Behance website makes excellent use of consistency. Typography, composition, and scale are all used clearly.

4) Typography – Typography is an important consideration because it not only represents the branding but also affects usability. It is critical to test out different typographies and optimise everything for convenience when adding typography to websites. At the end of the day, it will make a significant difference.

The BBC news website makes excellent use of typography that is well-known around the world. To indicate the importance of text, different font weights and scales are used. Since the entire navigation system is bold, it stands out among other typography.

What makes user interface bad?

1) Lack of contrast – When viewing websites, the structure should be clear and have a nice contrast to support in reading and understanding the content displayed. If there is no contrast, the colour combination and overall presentation of the website will overwhelm us.

2) No responsive designs – Using a responsive design is becoming increasingly popular because it makes sense to build websites that can adjust to different screen sizes and resolutions. It’s essential, especially for shopping cart websites and apps whose target customers use mobile devices.


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