Ad campaign: Smart car 🚘

Whilst browsing around Google, I came across an ad campaign for a car which really appealed to me. The campaign was advertising a newly designed automatic car from the brand smart. I think the brand has done an incredible job in marketing their product, considering it’s for a niche audience

The poster above was designed by a freelance designer from Sydney, Australia. (David Cho) The design concept is very clever and understandable to everyone. The campaign is metaphorically associating the speed of the car to a wild fierce, ferocious jaguar. The tag line for the campaign is β€œit’s not just smart. It’s instinct. Which is telling the buyer that this car is very special and speedy using symbolism.

I find the overall design very fascinating due to it being marketed in a smart, clear way and how symbolism is a very effective technique. I like how the designer has included mapping to separate the different components of the car which allows all the focus to be on the jaguar and the speediness. I also like how the designer has carefully though of key elements such as: composition and colour to ensure nothing clashes in with the product.


Reference: Β©David Cho ( Advertising campaign for Smart Cars) May 25th 2017.

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