The 2021 Ihtisham 🤓

Hi, I’m Ihtisham!

Shortly after completing my UAL level 3 extended diploma in Graphic design I decided to progress my studies further and study a BA in Graphic design at Coventry University.

I have always been inspired by Graphic design. Mainly because it’s all around us, I believe it is fundamental to learn how to communicate in a visual manner. This has inspired me to learn more about the subject. As Walt Disney once said “The world is a canvas too our imagination” which makes me want to seize every opportunity there is to be creative and successful.

As a student Graphic designer, I enjoy working in adobe photoshop mainly because of its high-quality cutting-edge tools which allows creativity to be fully unlocked.

Below are some Graphic design Q&As answered by me:

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Although I’m still a student, I believe I have strong problem solving, design and composition skills. I am able to create something in various different styles until a final outcome has been decided. I also have strong communication skills which comes in handy when working in a team.

As for my weakness I’d say time management and being indecisive. I tend to like all of my development designs so sometimes it’s hard to choose a final design. 

Who is your favourite designer and what inspires you?

One of my favourite Graphic designers would be ‘Neville Brody’ I really like the way he experiments with typography and composition to produce montages and posters. I have been influenced by this artists techniques throughout my projects.

I am also influenced by the music and art genre pop. As well as street art and fashion. I love looking at aesthetic based images on Pinterest.

What qualities and skills should a great graphic designer have?

I believe a successful Graphic designer needs to have strong communication, creativity and innovation skills as you must have an idea for any project.

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